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  Encryption of ESXI servers, blue [company]  has the solution !  

On Friday February 3rd, a large number of ESXI virtualization systems users,

were targeted by a massive wave of ransomware cyberattacks.

blue [company], which itself was badly hit, successfully recovered data from its EXSI servers!

Our developpers have the skills to recover your data urgently.

To contact us : Mail : 

Tél :

The blue [company] team consists of 4D experts involved in the following areas: code analysis with delivery of an audit report, project organization and team management, custom development, technical expertise in contentious situations...


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blue [company] has also developed components for 4D: graphs in SVG, SVG agenda, Data browser and code analysis enriching themselves from year to year and evolving as needed.


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This software, installed in over a hundred industrial companies and which had changed little since 2-3 years, required an in-depth audit

(project duration: 1 week)

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Due to other strategic priorities, the software we had audited had been relatively neglected and the costumer wanted to :

review the "technical debt" existing;
Determine the strategy to implement in order to migrate the software to 4D V15;
Evaluate the investment to set up some features requested by customers.


To achieve this audit we have :

Interviewed the sales team ;
Interviewed the technical team ;
Analyzed the existing code in a contradictory manner with the technical team ;
# Requested an intervention of an additional expert from 4D for the points which had to be validated by the publisher.

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The mission ended with the delivery of a report containing the following parts :

Analysis of the existing ;
Strategic recommendations for the development of the product ;
Urgent interventions recommendations ;
Example of code requiring a rapid correction.



Mission realized by Paul

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    « The passion and the expertise of Paul gave a boost to my development »

    Joël Brouzet

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    « Paul Kuhn was able to identify the different areas of our business and how they would translate »

    Estelle Bzowski

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    « The project directed by Paul is amazing and brings the graphic design at a very high level »

    Leonardo Grillie

  • upside

    « Blue Company has allowed us to have a completely redesigned graphical planning, to the delight of our customers »

    Frédéric Blanc

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    « Reliability and responsiveness. We found with them what makes the strength of our company »

    Peter Van Vliet

  • upside

    « Blue Company has upgraded his component over our demands »

    Frédéric Blanc

  • deville

    « A powerful component which I will summarize in three words: Rapidity, Fluidity and Efficiency »

    Samuel Guede

Paul Kühn will conduct a workshop during Europe Summit 2013

Blue Company has served 4D developers in developing a new graphs component.

This component will replace some 4D Chart graphs by its equivalent in SVG format. Indeed, 4D Chart is not included anymore from 4D 14.

4D summit Europe and US 2013 Gold Sponsor

Blue Company sponsors 4D US Summit in Las Vegas and 4D Europe Summit in Paris.


12, rue des Saintes Marie
Phone : + 33 (0) 6 31 73 06 57