Expertise privee

Private expertise

In your relationships with your suppliers or customers, sometimes the relationships become complicated and you end up in litigation or pre-litigation situation.

blue [company] is able to bring its expertise to defend you. We are able to:

# Perform analysis on parts or code analysis;
# Analyze the technical and legal risks;
# Assist you during negotiations. 

«Paul Kühn was able to deliver me a clear vision of the entire project... this collaboration was a success »
Maitre Joulali-Tropenat

«  His vision, his advice and his warnings allowed us to get out of this project with limited damage  »
Thierry Ciccoli – Officer Vinaxion

« His expertise in information technology was not only valuable but decisive»



Before taking a strategic decision for your business on software, you need to fully understand the situation: condition and quality of development, ability to change or need to be rewritten for part or all, competence of your technical teams or stakeholders.

For all this, blue [company] intervenes and gives you an audit report allowing you to make your decisions in total control.




Management equipe

Project organization and team management

If you note a performance lack of your development teams, it is maybe not a lack of skills but a lack of methodology or organization.

We can help you in the following areas:

# Clarification of your goals (white book);
# Organization of developments (development cycle and testing, incidents tracking, versioning, release notes, documentations and wiki) ;
# Coaching of project managers or developers;
# Introduction to agile development methods.






Development of specific modules

Due to a lack of resources, a short delay or excessive complexity, it may happen that you can not achieve a development or a requested module.

blue [company] is able to assist you, we have already done it in the following cases :

# Migration to V15 Version;
# Development of an online serialization module;
# Access Management Development;
# Google map API interface;

Module sepcifique


Aide a l integration composant

Assistance to the component integration

If some components are easy to integrate in your software, others, as the calendar component with his 100 orders and 120 parameters, are more complex to implement.

We are at your disposal to make, according to your choice, the integration of components in your software, saving you precious time.






Developement recovery

After a developer departure or on the occasion of a new phase, BlueCompany is able to perform the necessary interim phase.

At the end of our mission, we transfer the know-how to the team you recruited or to the developer you have chosen to take over.

We are able to guide them and to help them promptly to continue to develop according to the lines that you have asked us to put in place.

Reprise de developpement


Integration technologies

Technologies integration

Today it is almost impossible to use a single technology during a development. Even if your applications are based on 4D, you must use various technologies such as SVG, REST, JSON, JavaScript, PHP, PDF, GoogleMapAPI, Google Doc, Google Calendar,…

Surely you do not control all these technologies and the acquisition time of these skills can be long. BlueCompany can intervene, providing you methods libraries or components allowing you to quickly integrate these functions.





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