Paul Kühn, former student of UTBM, started developing with 4D in 1986. Soon, his office Kühn, Leveque & Partners has expanded and he opened offices in à Paris and Strasbourg.

He worked very quickly for prestigious customers (Compagnie des agents de change, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation, Crédit Local de France, banks,…). He was also expert at the Agence de Protection des programmes (A.P.P.) and an Apple authorized expert.


In 1999, Paul created Canopée Software, then Zekom. Canopée successfully developed bespoke softwares for PME and large accounts (Eurovia, Centre National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale, Numericable).

Zekom, start-up in the field of information and new technologies for professionals of high-tech communication, won the second place in the Anvar contest and obtained the label of innovative project.

He wrote software packages of CRM, management of Hotel-Restaurant and bookstores in the ancient books, and in 1993 created Kita-Software with an associate.. Very quickly the company has growns and the product range was enriched with other software developed by Paul and other developers. The company then took control of Innomatix (software publisher of Tout Compte Fait). Paul Kühn then developed Cinemascope 2000 for Canal + (an interactive encyclopedia of cinema) and 7 of its developments was distributed in FNAC.  

From 2002 to 2011, Paul Kühn exercised various functions of management and technical leadership in SSII or software editors. It was particularly technical director of Nexance (Performance Management solutions Editor) where he directed the development of a business intelligence tool based on the Balanced Score Card methodology used for strategic management by large groups (Fromagerie Bel, Fortis, Accor, Daimler Chrysler, ...)


 Since 2011, blue [company] ...



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