In conflict with h supplier, this customer asked us to conduct a private litigation expertise of the situation

(Project duration: 3 days)

This customer, owner of a software which he had entrusted the development, wanted to check that the work was done properly. Completely philistine in the data processing field, he was completely unable to assess the reality of the work done by his supplier..

To achieve this expertise, we worked from the following :

Quotation and description of planned actions written by supplier
# Initial application code
Code after supplier intervention,

Our report concluded with breaches of the supplier. This document in hand, the customer was able to renegotiate with its supplier and it resulted a substantial modification of agreements between the parties.

Mission realized by Paul



This software, installed in over a hundred industrial companies and which had changed little since 2-3 years, required an in-depth audit

(project duration: 1 week)

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Due to other strategic priorities, the software we had audited had been relatively neglected and the costumer wanted to :

review the "technical debt" existing;
Determine the strategy to implement in order to migrate the software to 4D V15;
Evaluate the investment to set up some features requested by customers.


To achieve this audit we have :

Interviewed the sales team ;
Interviewed the technical team ;
Analyzed the existing code in a contradictory manner with the technical team ;
# Requested an intervention of an additional expert from 4D for the points which had to be validated by the publisher.

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The mission ended with the delivery of a report containing the following parts :

Analysis of the existing ;
Strategic recommendations for the development of the product ;
Urgent interventions recommendations ;
Example of code requiring a rapid correction.



Mission realized by Paul


Base redesign

This software required a full recovery of its web part that has then allowed to develop it

(Project duration: 3 years)

Accueil  We were selected for this project following a tender.

This site was composed of two parts :

# Administrations heavy clients via a TSE farm (+/- 50 users) 
# Web Applications (hundreds of identified users).

Our mission included the following items :

# Servers hosting ;
# System maintenance system (Windows, mail server, TSE Farm);
# 4D Maintenance ;
# Corrections and development of the website ;
# File update from INSEE data (dedicated update server).


This website contained many imperfections and unprofessional programming, the maintenance work was very important.

So we were asked to redesign much of the code while maintaining upward compatibility of data. The access security has been completely revised.

For this project we used the following technologies :

# JavaScript 
# And of course 4D

Sélection fournisseurs

In brief, hundreds of daily connections, hundreds of users, thousands of pages served, more than 2 million records in certain tables, hundreds of methods for the web part of the application,…

Mission realized by Paul, Simil and Arnaud   


Project management and development

Within this software company in the medical field, the internal organization was inefficient, we reorganized processes, coached the technical director and developed specific modules

(long mission)

 The technical manager, a junior manager, wanted our help to organize its technical service and our support in planning migrations.
First we helped him to :

# Migrate to V13 (ongoing migration v14-v15) ; 
# Establish a monitoring tool of bugs and suggestions ;
# Determine the scope of future releases.

Outil maintenance

Intégration agenda

We also made the following development tasks :

# Establishment of a authorization module :

# Profile 
# Access by records 
# Delegation of responsibilities

# Integration of our calendar component 
# Help to upgrade functions performed with 4D Chart to SVG ; 
# Geocoding function interface, road distance calculation, optimized route selection; 
# …

Mission realized by Paul



Base redesign

The developer of the program is died, so we had to be immediately operational to maintain the application overnight.

(project duration: 1 year)

The challenges of this project was the reactivity and the timeframe requested.
As the developer has disappeared, the software was not finished, nor debugged and no technical documentation existed. We had to adapt to a complex situation : Saisie

# buggy software ; 
# incoherent data ;
# unfinished software ;
# Customer without computer knowledge and having difficulty to project ;
# Difficulties to take decisions or to believe in the software status before having irrefutable proof.

Fiche commune

We have been operating in 2 days and we solved the blocking points in ten days.
The stabilization of the situation has taken 1 year after which we given way to a local developer that we have selected.
Mission realized by Paul



Technologies integration

Merging of different databases into one coherent project

(project duration: 1 week)


Gestion documentaire


This company, specialized in publishing contemporary furniture and vintage fixtures contacted us to obtain a quotation.
After a discussion with the manager of the gallery, we came to the conclusion that instead of developing a new independent software for their publishing business, it was preferable to unify all of their systems, which consisted of the following :

Two File Maker databases ;
Numerous Excel files ;
Two MySQL management databases ;
A SQL database for the website.

The information was re-entered and exchanged via email.


Interface pour effectuer des propositions


After our audit, the customer decided to entrust us the complete overhaul of its information system.
This project integrates interesting technical requirements :

Connection of more than 15 customers in ADSL which forced us to develop a particularly optimized code in order to maintain acceptable performances ;
Many image management with visualization in SVG images with the command "SVG_New_embedded_image" and a great interactivity with these images ;
A document management ;
A analyzer .eml file (archive email) ;
Imports of Excel files (direct reading using PHP) ;
#PDF printings removing borders.

Mission realized by Arnaud and Paul


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