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This utilitarian component was initially developed to replace the direct use mode. It has become progressively a genuine introspection and data maintenance tool.

It allows you to view all data of a 4D database in one line of code, no need to realize data entry or list forms, the DataBrowser automatically generates them for you. 
With this component, you can : 

#  Build lists you wish
#  Create selection filters 
#  Perform complex searches as bank holidays bills except Easter Monday including related tables 
#  Save research and use them in one click
#  Import and export data 
#  Perform Boolean operations on sets and research 
#  Apply formulas to a selection, see the result before its validation (transaction), apply selectively formulas (if empty, if not empty, if contains, ...)
#  …


In addition to this component, we provide methods of backup management, of fragmentation verification, of checking data status.

An interface is available to perform various maintenance operations on your databases (indexing, ...).
These methods send warning emails in case of backup failure, fragmented data file, or corrupted data.
We also provide you a pack of methods allowing to store errors in a log file either on the server or on the client and to re-read these logs easily from a client.

The license is elaborated to allow all developers to access to our services:


Prices and conditions
Data browser  
Your turnover Amount of the yearly subscription
Licence 1 (turnover < 500 K€) 100 €
Licence 2 (500 K€ < turnover < 1 000 K€) 350 €
Licence 3 (1 000 K€ < turnover) 750 €

Licences are tacitly renewed, you can suspend your subscription by email no later than 3 working days before the renewal date.

During your subscription period, you can:

 # Freely disseminate the component in all your programs and disseminate it as often as you like; 
 # Access to the component source code that has been given to you and to a FTP that will allow you to download updates.

The annual fee shall be paid as long as you disseminate software integrating our components. Non-payment of the fee or the termination of the contract prohibited you to continue to disseminate our components.

Downloads prices : 


Downloads of demos V13, V14 and V15 :



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