Hypermed (April 2016)

“The SVG Calendar enabled us to quickly replace our old plugin and to improve functionalities of the calendar provided with our medical software” ,

Joël Brouzet, Hypermed

Bookseller (March 2016)

“Paul Kuhn was able to manage a bad start business and his expertise in information technology was not only valuable, but decisive”,

Benoît Forgeot, Bookseller

“The passion and expertise of Paul gave a boost to my development, it is with pleasure that he became a mentor to me”,

Joël Brouzet, Hypermed, February 2016

Galery Kreo (January 2016)

“Paul Kuhn was able to identify the different parts of our business and how they should be translated. He has adapted to the additional requests we have envisaged and added modules that are now proving key elements in our work”,

Estelle Bzowski, Galery Kreo.

Devillé (Décembre 2014)

« Rather intuitive integration allowed us to easily replace 4D Chart. A powerful component which I will summarize in three words: speed, fluidity and efficiency. Thank you to all the team of BlueCompany. »

Samuel GUEDE

Phoenix Développement Informatique (November 2014)

We developed an application for surgeons and posturologists and we needed an advanced calendar.

Not having time de develop, we chose a very powerful plugin.

As part of a cost optimization, in order to remain competitive, we began looking for a more financially interesting and good product (or even a sheep with 5 legs!) After contacting 4D, we knew that Blue Company, represented by Paul Kuhn, has developed a very efficient SVG component, able to progress.

 What to say :

      # Easy replacement of our old plugin,
      # Performance and perfect integration into the host basis because it is a 4D component
      # Fixed and very attractive cost without fee per server, skills and reactivity from Mr Paul Kuhn,
      # Customization and ability to progress,
      # Sources supply, which secures us enormously.

We thank Paul Kuhn and congratulate him for his involvement.

Phoenix Développement Informatique

Market Audit (October 2014)

Reliability and reactivity. We found with Blue Company what makes the strength of our company. We produce for our customers several hundred graphs a day. Thanks to the component of Blue Company, we are able to automate this process while allowing the user to decide what his wants ! If we meet a difficulty, the teams of Blue Company are always at our disposal to improve some features !

Peter van VLIET
PDG Market Audit 

"I work for DigitalSoccer Project, a company of Panini Group (Modena). I developed a data base to manage different events coming from soccer matches and calculate statistics on them. The DB made large use of 4D Chart plug-in. Once 4D dismissed that plug-in, I get in touch with Paul Kuhn and its component based on SVG standard to draw charts, SVG Graph.

Well, the project made by Paul is amazing and bring the drawing of graph to a new powerful level. By now I use the component only at a basic level, but the component can do much more and I will introduce improvements in my forms soon."

Leonardo Grilli,  Information Technology Manager,
Panini Digital, septembre 2014

MAAT-Ingénierie (September 2014)

Replacing 4DChart was completed in record time ...

Half a day for starting to use he component (which is well documented on the website: http://wiki.bluecompany.fr/).

A day for updating my call methods (they are slightly different from 4DChart).

And that's it.

Stéphane BELDA

UpSide Informatique (September 2013)

Our company has been developing for long period software whose core feature is a graphic schedule. It was originally set up by subverting AreatList Pro tool. This solution proved to be neither satisfactory from a functional nor from a graphic point of view

Then, we’ve carried out research and we’ve tested all the plug-ins related to this subject. We never found the appropriate tool because none was able to represent a schedule with vertical capabilities and a horizontal double time quantization (day + time).

We met Blue Company at the end 2011. We explained to them our specific problem. Paul Kühn suggested he develops his component and integrate this particular display mode. We received the first versions in the first quarter of 2012.

While keeping constant contact with Blue company, we quickly integrated this component into our software package. Responding to our different requests, Blue Company modified this tool in order to provide us with an entirely redesigned graphic schedule. This was to the great delight of our customers.

Frederic Blanc
Director d'UpSide 

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